Prices  in Danish kroner and include 'sales tax'
(Tony and Myrtle retired in 2000, so these pages are now only for
interest, and information to our past customers.)


CD duplication and production


One-Off CD's - cost 40 kr each for single quantities
                          cost 20 kr each for 2 -200 quantities
              all include jewel box and can have labels/covers

CD pressings - singles cost from 22 kr each inclusive
                          albums cost from 25 kr each inclusive


Copying of old recordings


These can be from many formats, including:-
records of 16/33/45/78, 7"/10"/12", mono or stereo
analogue tapes of 1/4" 2 or 4 track, mono or stereo
analogue tapes of 1/2", mono or stereo
cassettes, DCC, MD
all tapes with or without noise reduction
digital tapes in F1/701, video 8 and Umatic PCM

          The price for straight copying to a CD is 10 kr
          per minute of total final playing time.

  Delivery of all orders is normally by post and costs from 15 kr for one CD. Larger orders are charged by weight of parcel.

For a full and detailed price list, please ask. Please give your full name and address, and include your telephone/fax/E-mail number.

Cassette duplication

  We specialise in making small quantities, with or without printing. For example:-
50 - C60 with library case are 18 kr each.
for black and white labels and cover, add 5 kr each.

Mastering, editing, other copying and testing

  We can master to and from most standard formats, digital and analogue. The costs are calculated on the time taken, which is charged at about 300 kr per hour. We can also copy to and from MiniDisc and Digital Compact Cassette and can test most digital formats for faults.  

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