(Tony and Myrtle retired in 2000, so these pages are now only for
interest, and information to our past customers.)

            TAM was a duplication and mastering facility, that specialised in the transfer of old tapes/records and small quantity CD production. We were established 30 years ago in London and were the first duplicators to implement a professional real-time facility using Nakamichi machines for cassettes and Yamaha plus Micromega machines for CD's. We coined the name "One-Off CD's". We still have the all-digital mastering chain with a SoundMaestro digital editor. We always had a full order book and our prices therefore did not have any element of wasted time built in. All our customers were treated equally and knew that their turn in the production queue was assured; that is, first-in, first-out.    

Bella from London


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