(Tony and Myrtle retired in 2000, so these pages are now only for
interest, and information to our past customers.)

    Payment    Could be made in any recognised form; the invoice sent on receipt of order. For some larger orders, a 50% deposit with order was acceptable, but the balance had to be paid before delivery.

Masters    For all customers material, the cost of replacing it is limited to that of making a new copy. Masters may be of any format as long as they are fully prepared and presented. Masters for editing must be accompanied by detailed instructions to avoid any excess costs being incurred.

Licences,    copyright fees, royalties and etc are the customers responsibility in all cases.

Faults    All faults in our work will be corrected if the faulty items are returned. Our liability extends only to such free of charge correction. If mastering is involved, we strongly recommend that a reference is ordered for checking before the master is despatched.

the Red Cat services


CD duplication and CD production.
Transfer of old records and tapes.


the Green Cat services


Cassette tape duplication.
Economical printing for small quantities.


the Blue Cat services


Mastering and editing and the test service.
DAT, MD and DCC duplication.